Abrasive Shot Media Blast Cleaning

The abrasive media shot blast cleaning process involves special types of medium being blasted at exceptionally high speed onto any surface, this removes all dirt, rust , contaminants, metal corrosion, paint and any other substances leaving a clean etched surface.

The process of blast cleaning involves the use of compressed air and an abrasive medium.

The compressed air is forced into a blast pot and pushes the abrasive from the blast pot down a hose and out of a nozzle at very high speed.

The type of abrasive used varies depending on the item to be blasted.

Blast cleaning can be used to remove rust, dirt, paint and many other substances leaving a clean surface.

Following the process of abrasive media shot blast cleaning, the surface would normally be painted, or some type of protective coating applied, particularly in relation to metalwork where an Anti Corrosion Coating would be required.

Existing steelwork is required to be blast cleaned to BS7079 part A1 SA2.5 as per manufacturers guidance in order to achieve compliance with Anti Corrosion, Fire Protection or Decorative coatings whether this is to new build structures or existing steelwork structures.

Upon completion of Abrasive Media Shot Blasting, Paint or Protective Coatings can be applied.

Abrasive Media Shot Blasting can be utilized to remove graffiti or for restoration of masonry work by removal of surface contaminants.