Independent Third Party Inspections of Specialist Protective Coatings and Passive Fire Protection Installations and Applications

Pheonix Specialize in Independent Third Party Inspections of Specialist Protective Coatings and
Passive Fire Protection Installations, Systems and Applications.
Our extensively experienced team conduct specialist independent third party inspections and
reporting on all types and manor of buildings, structures and systems across all manner of
industries, from construction new build through to occupied building inspections, to include,
Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Heritage, Retail, Leisure, Production and Manufacturing
Industries along with providing services within Health Trust, Local Authority and the Education
We are able to offer both none destructive and destructive testing, combined with inspection
and detailed reporting of installed specialist protective systems and products. Which is
essential in order to ascertain compliance with relevant regulatory legislative standards and
manufacturers technical specifications, as well as identification of the requirements for
essential Protective and Passive Fire Protection Life Safety Systems that are not currently in
Due to the complexity of conforming to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (RRFSO),
we offer a standalone service to assist with your achievement of compliance with your
legislative requirements. Helping ensure Protective Systems and Life Safety Passive Fire
Protection Systems have the correct integrity and compliance for your building or structure.
If you are involved in the provision of a Life Safety Passive Fire Protection Systems package, at
any level, then you share the liability for its usefulness and its operation when it is required in
the event of a fire. This is from, cradle to the grave of the building or the structure, and that
liability is still evident in the event of a court case.
Our services are invaluable to any party responsible for ensuring a building or structures
compliance and integrity with regard to the protective systems in place. Assisting with your
conformance to current life fire safety legislation. Whether this is to an existing building or
structure, refurbishment or to a new build construction project.
With a full team of competent surveying inspectors who are part of a highly experienced team,
our services come at very competitive rates.
Pheonix are able to offer tailored solutions for inspection and our extensively detailed reporting
process. Combined with remedial and upgrade operations to suit the specific requirements of
your building, structure and its occupation.