Passive Fire Protection


Passive fire protection is an integral component of structural fire protection and fire safety in a building. Passive fire protection attempts to contain fires or slow the spread, through use of fire-resistant walls, floors, and doors (amongst other examples).

The primary purpose of passive fire protection systems is to firstly, prevent the passage and
spread of smoke and fire, from one area of the building to another, to allow for the safe escape of the building occupants.

Secondly to prevent / reduce the amount of damage to the building structure, neighboring structures and reduce the risk of collapse.

The specification and installation of fire resistant products and systems is a fundamental aspect to fire safety. Correctly specified and installed passive fire protection products and systems will deliver a building that resists fire/smoke to best effect, and in turn provide safety for the occupants and will reduce the potential for property loss.

Passive fire protection is a combination of design, assembly and material choice.

This will include:
Protection of structural elements.
Using materials that do not contribute to fire growth.
Limiting the toxicity of combustion products.
Walls and floors which provide compartments to resist the spread of fire.
Provision of a building envelope to resist fire entering from outside.

Since the fire performance of a product, component or structure is dependent upon satisfactory site installation and maintenance, independent schemes of certification and registration of installers and maintenance firms of such will provide confidence in the appropriate standard of workmanship being provided. The Building Regulations Approved Document B ~ Use of Guidance.

Fire Liability

If you are involved in provision of a fire protection package, at any level, then you share the liability for its usefulness and its operation when it is required in the event of a fire, this is from cradle to the grave of the building or the structure, and that liability is still evident in the event of a court case.

Our service is invaluable to any party responsible for ensuring any building or structures compliance and the integrity of the protective systems in place, in line with current life fire safety legislation. Whether this is to an existing building or structure, refurbishment or to a new build construction project.