Diamond Core Drilling and Chasing

We have extensive experience within the Diamond Drilling and Construction industry and we can deliver you a professional, speedy approach to all your Diamond Core Drilling and Chasing requirements, irrespective if the project is on a small single visit scale or on a long term contract.


Diamond Core Drilling provides very neat, clean holes through all types of mass and reinforced concrete, brickwork and blockwork, required for essential services penetrating the elements of a structure.

Diamond Drilling techniques are utilized when precisely located circular holes are required. Holes of almost any diameter up to 1.5m are easily drilled to make openings for plumbing, mechanical and electrical installations.

Priding ourselves on providing competitive rates, Pheonix provides highly reliable and quality services to satisfy a range of customer requirements and needs.

The benefits include:

Precise, circular cuts for holes & slots
Fully trained & highly qualified operatives
Diamond drilling
Test coring
Stitch drilling
Core drilling to any size

At Pheonix we offer a cost effective way of forming service penetration voids without vibration.

We run many different types of core drilling equipment and stock a vast selection of core sizes.

Cores can be cut through reinforced concrete using water to cool and lubricate the diamond segments whilst using a water collection unit.

We are able to offer our clients a standalone advice service on void/hole size selection, enabling us to select the most cost effective solution for the projects Passive Fire Protection, helping to reduce the cost of the projects fire protection package.

Pheonix’s compliance reporting system collates accurate records of locations and void size so all required information is known in advance in relation to fire protection works, which in turn removes an element of the managerial process from the main client.